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When I was hanging out with Nikolai [Fraiture, the Strokes’ bassist] and his kids, I totally realised my dream for that song is for it to become a limbo anthem. I would just be in the dreamiest of realities if children would play it at parties and limbo down.

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Logan had fallen in love with her in striped T-shirts and jeans. There was no need to mess with a winning formula.

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Ron glanced at Hermione, then said, “What if purebloods and half-bloods swear a Muggle-born’s part of their family? I’ll tell everyone Hermione’s my cousin—”
Hermione covered Ron’s hand with hers and squeezed it.
“Thank you, Ron, but I couldn’t let you—”
“You won’t have a choice,” said Ron fiercely, gripping her hand back. “I’ll teach you my family tree so you can answer questions on it.”
Hermione gave a shaky laugh.

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You.. got into Harvard Law?

What, like it’s hard?

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i like that we say “oh, man” to express disappointment

because men are disappointing

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