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Hilary. 24. ISFJ.
Portland, Oregon.
I really, really, really, really like tv.

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no, this is how it works: you peer inside yourself, you take the things you like, and try to love the things you took, and then you take that love you made, and stick it into some - someone else’s heart, pumping someone else’s blood. and walking, arm-in-arm, you hope it don’t get harmed; but, even if it does, you’ll just do it all again. 

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I bake pies and wake the dead; I lead a very sheltered life. 

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Harry Potter reading Harry Potter on the set of Harry Potter during shooting of Harry Potter.



Yo dawg. So I heard you like Harry Potter so we put a Harry Potter in a Harry Potter so you can Harry Potter when you Harry potter OMG what do I do with my life

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